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Zorion Real Estate & Management is a leader in providing comprehensive property management services.  Our services stem from residential, commercial, multi-family, vacation rentals to professional house sitting services in Maricopa County in the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ area.

Why Zorion Real Estate & Management


Experience in property management does matter.  Zorion Real Estate & Management was founded with the belief that the company could provide better customer service than what was being offered by the industry.

On average, our highly qualified, professional staff has more than 20 years of real estate and/or property management experience. We also boast a lower staff turnover rate compared to the industry average. When you work with Zorion Real Estate & Management, you will interact with some the most qualified property management staff in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of all aspects of property management and real estate markets, understands the operational complexities of owning and renting properties and provides impeccable communication and follow-up.


Zorion Real Estate & Management is a trusted leader in providing comprehensive property management services in Maricopa County in the metropolitan Phoenix, AZ area. Zorion Real Estate & Management possesses expertise and knowledge of the Phoenix, AZ real estate market.

You can also feel confident that we will provide you with outstanding property management service. Whether you’ve just moved to Phoenix or are an investor, we will find the right rental or tenants for your needs. With an average time to rent at less than 20 days, you can trust that we will place you in your next home or rent your property quickly, saving you time, hassle and money. In fact, our vacancy rate is at about 2–3 percent, which is significantly below the industry average of 6–7 percent.


At Zorion Real Estate & Management, we are invested in our clients’ success. When you are choosing a Phoenix property management partner, responsiveness and customer service are critical. Time is money. Whether an owner or a renter, you want to feel confident that if an issue arises, you can reach someone, and it will be addressed promptly. At Zorion Real Estate & Management, you won’t get caught up in the endless loop of an automated phone tree. We have live associates available during our regular business hours to take your call and an after-hours communication protocol in place. Our high staff to property ratio allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service at the best value. For a partner in Phoenix property management, call us today to see how we can help!

What People Are Saying About Zorion Real Estate & Management


Many of our referrals come from local realtors who have worked with us or heard of our high quality, value-added service. Listen to what our realtors have to say:

Tomyal Emptage

“Simply the best! I have partnered with this company for almost a decade, and they have taken great care of my clients. Being a real estate broker for over 24 years, I know how important it is to have a good property management company. This is the only property management company I trust to refer my clients to.”

Hillary Key

“As a Realtor, I refer all my investor clients who are looking for their property to be managed professionally to Zorion RE. Zorion RE Phoenix goes above and beyond for their clients and their tenants. I have never had a client come back to me unhappy.”

Property Owners

We have successfully worked with many local and nonlocal property owners by sharing our expertise in the local Phoenix market and knowing the unique nuances of neighborhoods. Here’s what our property owners said:

Marc Pezdirtz

“My experience with this company has been terrific. They are professional, responsive and exceptionally knowledgeable about the market. Because of their recommendations on what to invest in and what not to (regarding the rehab of the property) as well as their guidance on how to price, we had a tenant in less than a week. I only wish this team was in the other city where we have another rental.”

Jim Bradford

“I love the idea of basically ‘ordering tenants’ and everything else that goes along with renting out a property. Doing business with Zorion is like ordering “Stress Relief”. They keep the renters satisfied the homeowners happy.”


Quickly finding the right place for renters is our priority. Our team strives to be responsive to our tenants’ needs as well. Hear from our tenants:

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